Media statement | 14 March 2018 SDA seeks improvements for part time workers in Fast Food Industry Award

March 14, 2018 Media Releases

The SDA is currently seeking to secure significant improvements for part time workers in the Fast Food Industry Award (FFIA) in a case before the FWC as part of its 4-yearly review of modern awards.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said that the changes to the part time clause in the Award will promote part time employment in an industry which is characterised by casual and insecure work, providing greater security of hours and a guaranteed minimum of at least 8 hours per week – a significant improvement on the current zero hour entitlement.

“Like many Australians, fast food workers are under increasing pressure. Historically low wage growth, cuts to penalty rates and casualisation have made it extraordinarily difficult to make ends meet.”

“For part time workers, those difficulties are multiplied by the nature of insecure work. Underemployment and the irregularity of hours creates enormous stress for part time workers in the fast food industry.”

“The improvements we’ve secured in the Award will not only provide a guaranteed minimum of 8 hours per week with the option of doing more, they also deliver improved rostering arrangements that will provide greater security and control for part time workers over their rostered hours each week.”

“This is particularly important for part time fast food workers who are parents, carers and students juggling commitments and responsibilities outside of work hours.”

The improved rostering provisions will obligate employers to prepare and make available a roster which sets out the name of each employee, the days of the week to be worked, and their start and finishing times.

The roster may only be changed either by mutual consent at any time or by amendment of the roster on seven days’ notice and can only be changed to hours that are within the employees’ availability.

“Consistent with the ACTU’s drive for more secure and meaningful employment, we’re pleased these improvements to the Award will encourage increased permanency and provide a guaranteed minimum income for Australia’s part time fast food workers.”

This matter is now currently before the FWC who will determine the matter in due course.

The full list of improvements sought to the Fast Food Industry Award for part time workers includes:


  • Guaranteed minimum of at least 8 hours per week (currently no minimum applies)
  • Access to additional hours
  • Can only be rostered within the availability provided by the worker at the point of engagement
  • Ability to change availability with 14 days’ notice if an employee’s circumstances have changed
  • Ability to ask for an increase in the number of guaranteed minimum hours if an employee has regularly worked in excess of the guaranteed minimum hours over a 12-month period
  • Provision ensuring any existing rostering arrangements continue unless a new agreement is reached regarding hours
  • Agreed additional hours will be paid at ordinary rates and accrue personal leave and annual leave
  • Any additional hours worked which are not agreed continue to be paid at overtime rates

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