SDA delivers strong new agreement for Priceline workers

March 12, 2019 Media Releases

Media statement | 8 March 2019

The SDA – the Union for workers in retail, fast food and warehousing has delivered a strong new national agreement for Priceline workers that improves penalty rates and leave conditions, locks in hard won SDA conditions and delivers strong annual pay rises. The new agreement takes effect from today, Friday 8 March.

SDA National Secretary said importantly the new Priceline enterprise bargaining agreement locked in strong annual pay rises over the life of the agreement.

“Wage growth for Australian workers is at an all time low and we’re proud we’ve been able to lock in strong annual pay increases for Priceline workers for the next three years.”

“Priceline workers will receive an immediate 3.5% pay increase backdated from 1 July 2018, and 3% pay increases from 1 July 2019 and 1 July 2020.”

“This means the permanent hourly rate for Priceline workers will increase to $21.81 and the casual hourly rate will increase to $27.26 per hour.”

“With the rate of inflation at 1.8% these pay increases will make it a little easier for Priceline workers and their families to make ends meet.”

Mr Dwyer said that in addition to the strong annual pay increases, the new agreement protected hard won SDA union conditions and delivered additional improvements for Priceline workers.

“We are pleased this agreement, for the first time introduces 5 days paid and 5 days unpaid Family and Domestic Violence Leave for all employees per year.”

“Unions, employers and government must all take responsibility for addressing family and domestic violence and we’re pleased we’ve taken the first steps in this agreement.”

“Additionally, we’ve been able to ensure that all Priceline workers will be paid superannuation on all paid leave, including paid parental leave.”

“This measure will assist in addressing the gender pay gap which was previously exacerbated when superannuation was not paid when parental leave was taken.”

The new Priceline enterprise bargaining agreement has been approved by the Fair Work Commission and becomes effective today, 8 March.

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