A day in the life of our SDA Information Officers, Diane and Veronica

July 27, 2020 Newsletters

by Chris Gazenbeek, SDA State Secretary

Each day, Diane Kirk and Veronica Buckley answer about 100 phone calls and emails from our members. Some of these phone calls take no longer than five minutes while others exceed 30 minutes. Diane and Veronica arrive in the union office early and during the course of the day, they answer phone calls and respond to the overnight emails or follow up on previous emails.

Their vast knowledge includes knowing the intricacies of the different Enterprise Agreements, Awards, the Fair Work Act, National Employment Standards and the Workers’ Compensation legislation.

I know for a fact that Diane and Veronica have recently been inundated with phone calls and emails concerning Covid-19. They have listened to many worried members and steered them down the correct path.

On so many other issues whether it be about underpayments, rostering, workers’ compensation, public holidays, breaks, right and responsibilities etc., I know that Diane and Veronica answer our members’ questions with empathy, honest and integrity.

It is very important that members receive the correct information from a reliable and trained source rather than relying on people’s best guesses. Because members are entitled to receive factual information, I strongly advise members to speak to their trained Shop Steward, Delegate or ring the Union Office and speak to Diane or Veronica.