An important message from Lynn

December 20, 2022 News Newsletters

By Liz Berry, SDA Organiser


Lynn from Woolworths in Rockhampton has been an SDA member for almost 16 years and an SDA shop steward for the past 12 years. Unfortunately during her tenure, she was diagnosed with breast cancer – but as a true inspiration, she fought and won against the disease and has become an advocate, raising awareness for breast cancer.

She offers the following advice:

  • Get a routine mammogram, even if you don’t have any family history. Without this, the cancer would not have been identified;
  • Stay positive and keep busy;
  • Take all offers of help, because you will need it;
  • Be honest and up front with people from the start so people can understand your limitations and give you privacy.

Lynn said she received a lot of support from her family, friends, her management team and of course the SDA. After negotiation with her employer, they allowed her the flexibility to continue to work on her good days and have the ‘wipe out days’, after chemotherapy, off work.

In October, her team at Woolworths held a breast cancer fundraiser and she says ‘the sea of pink was very humbling’. Lynn is now over four years on from her fight with cancer, and hopes to host a shindig next year to celebrate 5 years cancer free.

Lynn, we wish you all the best and are glad we’ve been able to support you on this journey. You are an inspiration to many for your honesty and your determination to raise awareness about breast cancer WILL save lives.