Keeping you safe from customer violence and abuse

May 7, 2017 Newsletters

By Chris Gazenbeek

There was an overwhelming response to our campaign on customer abuse and violence. It made headlines across the country and over 6,000 retail workers completed our survey.

We found:
Over 80% had been subjected to verbal abuse in the last 12 months;
Over 60% had not received any training on how to deal with threatening situations including abusive or violent customers in the last 12 months;
Customer violence and abuse disproportionately affects women in retail and fast food.

We are not stopping here. Customer violence and abuse makes workplaces unsafe. There is no excuse for abuse.
The SDA is now working through thousands of responses from workers and we are developing a plan of action to make workplaces safer with our Shop Stewards and Delegates.

We want to put a stop to the abuse and violence you face at work. You should always contact the SDA for help if this is happening at your workplace.

Remember, if you are affected by customer violence and abuse:
Report it to your Manager as a workplace health and safety issue;
Report it to your Health and Safety Committee, SDA Shop Steward or Delegate;
Ask for help and support if you are still feeling stressed or anxious about an incident of customer and violence abuse that has impacted on you or your workmates;

Contact the SDA if you need assistance.

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