Never sign, never resign

December 10, 2021 Know Your Rights Member News Newsletters Our Resources

By Laura Armstrong, SDA Industrial Officer

Recently, an SDA member was so harassed by her department manager that she resigned from her 2IC position. It later emerged that the manager had had an ulterior motive. He intended to promote a friend to the vacated 2IC position.

The Union has also had a number of calls lately from members who had signed warning documents even though they didn’t agree with them.

From an SDA perspective, both these circumstances are similar. Our members acted first and called us later. As you can appreciate, this made our job of protecting both members’ rights much more difficult. Company representatives cannot and should not force you to sign anything or pressure you to resign.

What can you do in a similar situation?

You will probably be told that you are required to sign something as evidence that you have read it. Don’t fall into this trap! The SDA strongly advises you to write:

“I have read this statement but I do not agree with its contents” and then, and only then, sign.

You are entitled to a copy of any document you sign. And always insist that your SDA Shop Steward, SDA Delegate or another trusted person witness any counselling or cautioning interview.

So if you’re being coerced at work, contact your SDA Shop Steward, Delegate or Organiser.

Remember never sign; never resign.