No One Deserves A Serve: Real stories from retail and fast food workers.

December 14, 2017 News No One Deserves A Serve
  • “Other workers have been slapped in the face, one grocery manager was grabbed by the throat and choked against a wall. We get yelled at and abused all the time.”
  • “Sometimes just rude people. Screaming/yelling, swearing, hands being thrown around, invading personal space, provocative behaviour, when in an even more vulnerable position such as door greeter. I’ve been a victim of serious abuse and threatening behaviour where things were thrown at me and security/management had to become involved.”
  • “I have had customers throw products at me for simple things, such as a product is out of stock. I’ve had my face spat in, slapped across the face and had one person throw a punch at me and miss (I dodged it). It becomes second nature to know how to defend yourself, even when you’re just selling groceries and providing an everyday service.”
  • “Once a team member was held up with a syringe.”
  • “The customers swear at you when they don’t get their way.”
  • “I have been spat at. I have had a hot roast chicken and a bag of salad thrown at me.”
  • “I’ve had a man run at me carrying a sword while I was changing promotional boards, mistaking me for another person. I’ve had a young male rush to punch me in the face after I refused to sell alcohol to him and his friends. I’ve had a group of young boys harass customers, staff and myself by throwing rotten fruit at us. I’ve been spat on during a theft incident. I’ve had people threaten to harm me and my staff after we’ve refused service due to intoxication.”
  • “Bottom grabbed, held against multiple different people by the waist, my chest leered at and touched, followed around the store.”

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