December 10, 2021 Member News News Newsletters

with Diane and Veronica,

SDA Information Officers

Q. Our company is cutting the number of staff and hours in our store but wanting the remaining team members who are left to do more and more duties. We are stressed out. We are harassed by our managers if we cannot complete tasks. What do we do?

A. As long as you are working to the best of your ability, in the time allotted, that is all that can be expected by your employer. The answer is stick together. Gathering information on when the under-staffing is taking place will enable the matter to be successfully pursued through the grievance procedure. We further advise that your SDA Organiser become involved so that she can help collate the information before the matter is presented to store management.

Q. My department manager has been making personal remarks to me and threatening my job security. What should
I do?

A. This behaviour amounts to bullying, and most companies have a policy against this. You should follow the grievance procedure and go with your Shop Steward to the store manager. If this is unsuccessful, your Shop Steward will contact your Organiser to take the issue to the next level of the grievance procedure.

Q. My manager insists we should go to him if we have a problem. Is this correct?

A. The Union strongly advises all members to gain the necessary advice before members contemplate speaking to their manager. This advice can be sourced from your Shop Steward, Delegate or by ringing or emailing the Union directly. As a result, you will be prepared if and when you speak to your manager. Be assured that your manager will gain advice from their Human Resources department.

Also, please remember that members can, at all times, call upon their trained SDA Shop Steward, Delegate or Union Organiser for assistance.

Q. I am a nightfiller. Do I have to stay back past my rostered finishing time if the load is not completed?

A. The simple answer is No. There are a number of reasons why a fill may not be finished in the allocated time, but it mainly occurs when an employee is off sick and the store could not, or would not, replace them. Another reason may be that not enough staff were rostered, either due to a backload or perhaps even poor management skills. Either way, this is neither the member’s fault nor their problem.

Many of our members work the nightshift because they have young children and it suits their family situation. If this is the case, you may not wish to work past your rostered finishing time as you may have other responsibilities.

Q. In September, I had a dreadful migraine and my Doctor gave me three days off with a certificate. I rang the company and the manager told me I had to ring the store daily. Is this correct?

A. Your manager is incorrect. Once you informed the store of the length of your absence you have fulfilled your obligations as detailed in your Enterprise Agreement. We are glad you rang the union office to find out your rights. Stay home, rest up and get well.