December 20, 2022 News Newsletters

By Justin Power,
SDA Assistant Secretary

It has been a busy few months of bargaining for new and improved SDA agreements in several companies.
The new Coles Forest Lake & Heathwood enterprise agreement has been voted up by members, and has now been approved by the Fair Work Commission. The agreement offers members greatly improved redundancy conditions combined with a 4% upfront wage increase and 14.74% over the life of the agreement which is a great win for union members at Coles DC Forest Lake and Heathwood.

Kmart DC members have also secured a new agreement, which has recently been approved by the Fair Work Commission. The agreement is a three year agreement with 4%, 3%, 2% pay increases with $1000 sign on bonus and a $200 Kmart Gift Voucher.

There is also a proposed new Target agreement which secures many hard won union conditions for Target members. At the time of writing, SDA Organisers have finished conducting rollout meeting to help members understand the new agreement, and the voting period has commenced.

EG Fuel members have also voted up a new agreement, securing new afternoon and night shift loadings, Saturday afternoon penalty rates and higher casual loading. The new agreement will come into effect on 30 January 2023.

Negotiating new agreements is one of the SDA’s key roles – and we will be opening negotiations with many other employers in 2023, so keep an eye out for Organisers in-store to complete your EBA Survey.