SDA EBA Updates

September 21, 2017 Coles News Woolies


Most Coles members are well aware that the Fair Work Commission has changed the goal posts re Enterprise Bargaining which has had consequences for our Coles members and all other workers throughout Australia.
There have been three meetings of Coles Shop Stewards to hear a comprehensive report on the changed FWC’s approach to enterprise bargaining and secondly, endorse the SDA’s national bargaining strategy with Coles.

The strategy is three fold:

  • Protecting members’ take-home pay;
  • Improving penalty rates; and
  • Securing current EBA conditions.

There have been a series of meetings and at the point of writing we have made significant progress on: improved penalty rates, protections to the take-home pay of existing employees, improved tea breaks and the retention of a number of leave provisions.

It is important to remember that no proposed Coles Agreement, like all Agreements, can be put in place without a vote of employees.

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The SDA continues to push for a new Woolworths Agreement that locks in improved pay and conditions. Unfortunately, negotiations for a new Agreement continue to be delayed and this delay is a source of frustration for all members.

That’s why the SDA is in discussions with Woolworths for an administrative increase for employees as negotiations continue to be delayed.

Members will be updated with progress on this as it happens.