September 26, 2017 News

The SDA recognises the devastating impact domestic and family violence is having on our community.

Everyone in the community has a role to play in ending domestic and family violence, including unions.

Domestic and family violence doesn’t just affect you at home, it can affect you at work too.  This includes the ability to get to work on time, your attendance at work, your work performance, your safety and the safety of your co-workers.

The SDA helps workers experiencing domestic and family violence to gain information about and access to entitlements, assistance in trying to negotiate flexible working arrangements, speaking to management on your behalf and assistance in developing a safety action plan with your employer.

We also argue for domestic violence leave to be included in every agreement negotiated by the SDA.

1.6 million Australian workers already have access to domestic violence leave thanks to union-negotiated agreements.

Additionally, we’re campaigning for paid domestic and family violence leave to be included in the National Employment Standards (NES) so all workers can access paid leave if they need to.

New app for women experiencing domestic and family violence.

The SDA also recognises the need for practical support for women experiencing domestic and family violence.

We proudly support the development of a new national app, Penda, by the Women’s Legal Service Queensland.

Financial Abuse

  • Financial abuse is a common form of domestic and family violence, where victims are controlled by being isolated from household financial information and access to funds.
  • Financial security is a key element in ensuring women’s long term safety from violence as poverty and financial hardship often cause women to stay in, or return to abusive relationships.


  • Penda is a national, free, simple to use app combining financial, personal safety and legal information and referrals for women who have experienced domestic and family violence (DFV).
  • Penda is Australia’s first financial empowerment app for women who have experienced domestic and family violence. Penda helps to break the cycle of violence and build safer, more secure futures.
  • Friends, family, employers and support people can use Penda to help others. The free and simple to use app combines vital personal safety,
  • financial and legal information as well as nationwide referrals for a range of vital services.
  • Safety of Penda users is paramount. The app includes safety warnings prior to and after download. Penda provides information on risk factors, safety planning, and the safe use of technology.
  • Penda was developed by Women’s Legal Service Queensland in collaboration with Financial Rights Legal Centre with funding from Financial Literacy Australia. A national communication campaign was made possible with funding from CUA.

You can download the Penda app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.