Warehouse Negotiations Update

October 12, 2018 News Our Rates, Our Rights

By Justin Power

In the last six months, the SDA has successfully negotiated new Enterprise Agreements in the Woolworths, Coles and Big W Distribution Centres. Although these negotiations were sometimes difficult the end result was very pleasing. SDA Members received substantial pay rises whereas employees not represented by the SDA in other sites earn considerably less. This can be best illustrated by the fact that SDA members earn up to an extra $33,000 per year doing exactly the same work as employees not represented by the SDA. For shift workers, this number is even higher!

These results can only be achieved by a committed membership, a strong network of trained SDA Delegates and hard working SDA officials.

Other unions promise the world but are not prepared to do the hard yards. The SDA is committed to continue fighting for the rights of DC members and delivering results. This can be demonstrated by the fact that SDA officials continually visit sites after negotiations conclude whereas others are Missing in Action.

When you’re a member of the SDA, you are never alone. The SDA will fight for your rights and deliver industry leading pay and working conditions.

Assistant Secretary Justin Power and Delegates from Woolworths BRDC at negotiations