Workplace Health and Safety Reps

August 10, 2017 News

The SDA has a large network of Health and Safety Representatives who help keep the health and safety of workers a priority.

Health and Safety Reps (HSRs) are workers in shops, stores and warehouses who make the workplace safer for their fellow workers.

They are elected by employees to ensure the highest standards of workplace health and safety are maintained and can take up safety issues with management/employers.

HSRs receive proper training on how to recognise and report safety hazards and follow important processes until the issue is resolved.

All Health and Safety Reps receive paid training each year, which ensures their knowledge and problem-solving skills are regularly updated.

Many SDA HSRs tell us it’s a rewarding role as their co-workers always appreciate the hard work and effort they put in.

They can assist you if you need help raising or dealing with a health or safety concern in your workplace. If you raise a safety issue with your supervisor or store manager, make sure you tell your Health and Safety Rep too.

HSRs know what unsafe work practices look like and what needs to be done to address them.

It’s important for workers on the shopfloor or in the warehouse to take an active role in workplace health and safety and that any concerns are taken seriously by their employer.

HSRs help give employees greater participation and opportunity to address safety issues with management.

In general, any employee can nominate for the position of Health and Safety Rep and, if elected, serve a three-year term.

If you’re interested in becoming an SDA HSR in your workplace, contact the SDA today.

If you don’t know who your elected HSR is in your store, call the SDA to find out.