Disturbing phone calls concerning Workers’ Compensation

December 14, 2020 Our Resources

By Darryn Gaffy, SDA Industrial Officer

During the last two months, I have received a number of disturbing and alarming phone calls from Shop Stewards, Delegates and members about management pressuring staff injured at work to see company appointed doctors instead of their own private doctor. Just as alarming were the reports of managers insisting they take the staff member to the doctors. To top it all off, managers have been pressuring staff to sign a letter giving the member’s doctor the approval to allow the manager to sit in on the appointment or speak to the member’s doctor afterwards re the injury/medical condition.

One company is saying that it is new company policy and that it is their duty of care to insist on the above. THIS IS TOTAL RUBBISH.

  1. It is your choice which doctor you see.
  2. It is your choice whether any person comes into the medical consultation with you or not.
  3. It is your choice who has the right to access your medical records.

If you are injured at work, you need to do the following:

  1. Tell your manager immediately
  2. Fill in an incident report form
  3. See your choice of treating doctor and obtain a Workers’ Compensation Medical Certificate (for medical expenses and/or time off work)
  4. Get a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form and Information Kit on your rights from your Admin office and
  5. Complete the claim form and hand it in at work with your Medical Certificate and any medical bills.

Please Remember

  1. YOU choose your treating doctor – NOT your employer
  2. You don’t have to agree to allow your manager to come into your doctor’s appointment with you
  3. Submit your claim within 28 days of the injury if you want to recover all lost wages and other expenses noting the insurer has 20 business days to either accept or reject your claim.

If you ever need advice or assistance with a WorkCover claim, please call or email the union office.