How to apply for a job or promotion

February 16, 2016 Our Resources Tips

Applying for a new job or a promotion can be a difficult and scary process. The following tips will help you be prepared and make the most of any opportunities.


How to apply for a Job

These simple hints and tips will make the application process easier.

Here are a few easy steps to follow when applying for your dream job:

  1. Luke apply for a jobWrite a resume – always have a resume prepared so that when a job becomes available you are ready to respond.
  2. Contact the employer – find out if there are any positions available and how to apply for them.
  3. Gather information – When a job vacancy is available, check the directions in the advertisement on how to apply and write down the name of the person to contact for further details.
  4. Write a cover letter – A cover letter will flag your interest in applying for the position. Also make sure that your resume is tailored correctly to the position that you are applying for.
  5. Check for mistakes – a friend or family member can read over your cover letter and resume to check for any errors.
  6. Apply – visit the employer or email your cover letter and resume. If you decide to visit the employer make sure it is during a time when they are not busy.
  7. Follow up – if you emailed or posted your application, call about 48 hours later to check that they have received it. Don’t be afraid to ask approximately when they might be making their decision.

Job Promotion

A job promotion is a great way for you to earn more money, advance your career and increase your skills. However, sometimes you might miss out on these career opportunities simply because you are too nervous or don’t know how to apply for a promotion.

But don’t worry – we can help! Here, we’ve got a bunch of great tips to help you.

Each company handles job promotions differently, so it’s important to find out what requirements you may need to meet before applying (e.g. a certain number of years experience etc).

As an employee, you must be prepared to prove that you are qualified for a promotion:

  1. Understand – Talk to someone senior in your workplace and find out how your company handles promotions. You may need to follow certain requirements, policies or procedures before applying.
  2. Evaluate – Have a look at your job performance. If you feel that you have been performing really well in your role, write it down and use it as a reason for you to be promoted. Make a list of your achievements and be prepared to share them with your employer.
  3. Stay up to date – Update your resume so that it includes any achievements during or outside of work. Include any additional educational achievements, sporting achievements or leadership examples. Ensure that the information matches the requirements needed for the promotion.
  4. Write a letter – You may find it easier to show your interest in applying for a promotion by writing a letter to your employer. The letter will need to include the specific reasons why you should be promoted. This may include your contributions to the company, your skills and experience, and how long you have been with the company. Use the letter to highlight your desire to learn more and your ability to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Try to keep the letter short by using dot points, and no more than three paragraphs of text.