Instore representation

January 22, 2019 Know Your Rights

The SDA has about 850 Shop Stewards, Delegates and Union contacts throughout Queensland. Their role is to represent the interests of SDA members and the SDA in the workplace.

The major responsibilities of Shop Stewards and Delegates are:

  • Recruiting SDA union members;
  • Being consulted on the formation and renegotiation of Enterprise Agreements;
  • Communication with members;
  • Helping enforce Enterprise Agreements and Awards;
  • Helping enforce statutory entitlements;
  • Promoting the union;
  • Assisting members in resolving problems;
  • Attending meetings;
  • Self-education;
  • Liaising with their SDA Organiser.

Importantly, industrial legislation in Australia provides SDA representatives with protection from employer victimisation or harassment. It is illegal to injure or prejudice a person’s employment or dismiss a person for being a workplace representative. Employers found guilty of such offences can be prosecuted.