KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: WorkCover Entitlements

May 30, 2017 Know Your Rights

Unfortunately members get injured at work from time to time. After the injury has occurred members quite often get confused about the steps that need to be followed to lodge a Worker’s Compensation claim.

Claims should be lodged within 20 business days of injury in order to recover FULL costs. While you have 6 months from the date of injury to lodge a claim, the Insurer is only obliged to backpay claims costs for 20 business days prior to the lodgement of the claim.

Involve the SDA …
The SDA will help any member requiring assistance with respect to their workplace injuries.
Shop Stewards, Organisers and our Brisbane Office staff are available to make sure you get your full set of entitlements.

To view the WorkCover entitlements flow chart, please download the flyer here: Work Cover Entitlements