KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Your Grievance Procedure

May 30, 2017 Know Your Rights

From time to time, members may need advice on how to resolve a workplace issue.  All of the Union’s Agreements and Awards contain a grievance procedure which is designed to achieve a solution to these problems.

Every Agreement or Award negotiated by the SDA contains a grievance procedure. A grievance procedure is a process that enables issues or problems to be worked through and resolved. If matters ever arise at your workplace, it’s important that you’re aware of the agreed procedure.

A typical process
Below is an outline of a typical grievance procedure:
Contact you immediate supervisor or line manager and raise your issue. If the problem cannot be satisfactorily resolved at this level, you should then raise it with the store manager. You may request that your workplace Shop Steward attends with you. An SDA Organiser may also become involved if the workplace Shop Steward requires assistance.If the matter is still unresolved, then the next level of management may become involved as well as an Official of the Union – in most cases this would be the SDA Organiser.

The final stage of the grievance procedure is referral (by either party) to the Fair Work Commission for determination.

Remember: At all times you can, and should, seek the advice and direction of your workplace Shop Steward, Organiser or the Union Office.
The SDA is an important link in the grievance procedure, working for our members to help resolve any issues or problems that may arise. The quicker a matter can be satisfactorily resolved for members, the better it is for everyone.

Remember to familiarise yourself with the specific grievance procedure contained in your company’s Agreement or Award, and if you have any questions, contact the SDA Office.

You can download a copy of this flyer here: Your Grievance Procedure