Problems at work

January 21, 2019 Know Your Rights

Most Australians will need to work in the paid workforce for over 45 years. It would be very rare if these same workers did not encounter a problem throughout their working lives.

Such problems could include not being paid correctly, roster changes, dealing with unscrupulous bosses, sexual harassment or being retrenched.

All SDA members, whether they are full-time, part-time or casual have the same access to the union through its workplace representatives and officials.

We help and guide SDA members through the grievance procedure every step of the way. Workplace representatives such as SDA Shop Stewards and Delegates help thousands of members every year. If the SDA member’s program cannot be fixed very quickly at the workplace level, Stewards and Delegates notify their Organiser for extra guidance and assistance.

If need be, Organisers can call on the SDA Industrial Officers for assistance. All SDA Industrial officers have a legal background and have a great deal of experience in dealing with senior management.

We are not mind readers. If an individual member has a problem, it is advisable to ring or email the union office so that the problem or issue can be fixed or resolved.

Very simply, the SDA knows the importance of fixing problems as soon as possible and we do.