Stewards & Delegates

February 15, 2016 Our Resources Tips

Whether you are new to the retail industry or have been employed for a few years, it’s good to have a friendly face you can talk to confidentially about work issues.

What is a Shop Steward or Delegate?

Shop Stewards or Delegates are unpaid representatives of SDA members in a workplace. Because they receive comprehensive training by the SDA, they can provide you with the right information and assistance when you need it.

A Shop Steward or Delegate’s major responsibilities include:

  • Communication
  • Enforcement of Enterprise Agreements or Awards
  • Enforcement of statutory entitlements
  • Promoting the union
  • Solving members’ problems
  • Attending meetings
  • Self-education
  • Recruiting new members into the union.

Have a look at the SDA noticeboard in your workplace to find out who your Shop Steward or Delegate is.