FREE Counselling and Support

Confidential help when you need it.

The SDA offer a private counselling service through Converge International. The counselling service is a personal welfare service providing:

  • Preventative Counselling, which seeks to help people overcome their problems and cope with life through discovery of their own resources.
  • Crisis Counselling, available 24 hours a day seven days a week.
  • Personal Contact, to help on a person-to-person basis.
  • Confidentiality for all consultations which are private.
  • Referral Networks, to ensure that people receive access to specialist skills where necessary.

Converge has been providing counselling services to Queensland workplaces for more than thirty years. Its professional staff are available to help any SDA member who needs support or assistance.

How to make contact:

One of the features of the service is that the counsellors are easily accessible to every member of the SDA. You can contact the counsellors through the union office during business hours on 3833 9500 (local) or 1800 657 141 (regional) or you can use the twenty-four hour toll-free 1800 337 068 outside business hours.

Tell the operator you wish to speak with a counsellor and leave your name, SDA membership number, and your telephone number (work or home). They will ring back as soon as possible.