August 10, 2017 ALDI

The SDA is the Union for retail, fast food and warehouse workers, representing over 200,000 workers across the country for fair wages and improved working conditions.

Since ALDI’s arrival in Australia in 2001, the SDA has engaged ALDI with an agenda to deliver better conditions for all employees.

We’re working hard to make sure that employees get a fair go and the best way to achieve that is by growing SDA union membership so that more employees get a say in their workplace conditions.


SDA members in ALDI have won for all employees:

  • An increase in the hourly rate for store employees;
    • Securing a 10-hour minimum break between shifts for hourly rate employees and store management trainees;
    • No split shifts for hourly rate employees and store management trainees, with the exception of store meetings and,
    • Store meetings capped at 7 per year
    • A significant increase in the minimum Business Review Payments for Store Managers and Assistant Store Managers
    • A massive 10 -11% increase for all Store Management Trainees which was applied on 1 January 2017
    • Double time for Store Management Trainees who are required to work with less than a 10 hour break between shifts
    • Inclusion of Domestic and Family violence leave for all employees
    • Fairer rostering principles that mean ALDI must consider employees family responsibilities and ensure employees have adequate breaks between shifts.


New Agreements / High Court Challenge
In 2015 the SDA had serious concerns about the way ALDI tried to make new Enterprise Agreements covering employees in SA and WA and parts of NSW and VIC. The SDA challenged the Agreement in the Federal Court and won! ALDI are now appealing this decision to the High Court. We will keep our members informed about any new developments.

Bankable Hours
Some SDA members at ALDI, in warehouses and stores have expressed serious concerns over
ALDI’s bankable hours system. While ALDI did not negotiate any changes to the system in the latest round of Agreements, the SDA is still working to ensure this system is fair and transparent for all employees.

Rosters and Breaks
Fair rosters and access to breaks and meaningful time off is also an issue for many ALDI employees. The SDA will continue to push for improvements through negotiations with the company.

The SDA have continued to represent our members in negotiations for Agreements over the last 2 years covering workers in all ALDI regions across VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and WA.

Help us win better pay and conditions at ALDI. Join the SDA today.