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July 3, 2019 Coles DC

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Notification and consultation of decision to introduce a major change affecting Heathwood Liquor DC team members

As you are aware the SDA and our members were formally notified at short notice by Coles that they had made a decision to hand over the operation of Coles Liquor operations to BevChain from the middle of October 2019. This decision will have a major impact on all team members at the Coles Heathwood Liquor site as the positions will no longer be required. This will result in members being offered redeployment to either a role at the existing Coles Heathwood Grocery or Forest Lake sites pursuant to the current Coles Queensland (Forest Lake and Heathwood) Distribution Centre Enterprise Agreement 2018 (EBA). An opportunity for impacted EBA employees to express their interest in applying for and being considered for a voluntary redundancy, as per the voluntary redundancy guidelines may also be an option.

The SDA is currently in discussions with the Transport Workers Union (TWU) and will meet with senior management of BevChain shortly to discuss what meaningful job opportunities may be able to be secured to SDA members as a further option for impacted employees.

The SDA is extremely disappointed with the Company’s decision and will continue to consult with effected members to fight for the best outcome for each of you.

For avoidance of doubt, you need to appoint the SDA to be your representative for all purposes and discussions in relation to this matter.

Please click on the link below to formally appoint the SDA as your representative pursuant to Clause 12 (a) and 12 (b) Schedule C – Model consultation terms of the Coles Queensland (Forest Lake and Heathwood) Distribution Centre Enterprise Agreement 2018 as a result of the notice to close Liquor at the Coles DC Heathwood campus.

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