Important Coles DC Update

May 24, 2023 Coles DC

On the afternoon of Tuesday the 23 May 2023 the SDA was formally notified in writing by Coles of its intention to close both the Heathwood and Forest Lake Distribution Centres on the 8th of October 2023.

We understand the Company has already announced this to employees and notified a number of employees that they are being made involuntarily redundant.

Whilst we knew this day was coming, it is very difficult news to receive.

Coles has advised us they have deployed support in it’s Employee Assistance Program onsite for employees finding this announcement distressing.

All members of the SDA who may need assistance at this time can also access support by contacting our office.

We will be continuing to consult with the Company over the coming weeks to raise any member issues and to work on other ways that Coles could support it’s employees as transition to the site closure occurs.

If you have any questions regarding your entitlements or the redundancy process, please see your Delegates or Organiser, or call our office on 1800 657 141.

Also let us know if you have any concerns you would like raised with Coles to further support our members at this difficult time.