Media statement | 26 March 2018 Domino’s agreement withdrawal

March 26, 2018 Domino's

Statement from National Secretary of the SDA – the union for retail, fast food and warehouse workers – National Secretary, Gerard Dwyer:
“The SDA is extremely disappointed that Domino’s has withdrawn the proposed enterprise agreement from the registration process before the Fair Work Commission.

“The proposed agreement was reached after lengthy negotiations between the parties which also saw the SDA apply in 2016, and 2017 to cancel all existing Dominos agreements and engage in bargaining dispute proceedings before the Fair Work Commission in 2017.

Domino’s moved onto the Fast Food Industry Award in January 2018 as an interim measure prior to the new EBA being approved by the Fair Work Commission.

“The EBA proposal was rolled out to employees earlier this year and endorsed by 89 per cent of voting employees. It was then filed with the Fair Work Commission for registration.

“The withdrawal of the application means that additional benefits, including leave provisions and access to higher guaranteed hours will not be available in the short term.

“The SDA will continue to engage with Domino’s with a view to securing an enterprise agreement that delivers for Domino’s employees.

“This is a further example of why the workplace bargaining rules in Australia are broken and need to change.

“Australian workers want fair agreements and certainty in the bargaining process, but the current workplace rules in Australia don’t deliver this.”

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