Maccas Franchise to pay $275,000 over adverse action

May 5, 2023 McDonalds

Being a member of your union is a fundamental right and your employer cannot stop you from joining and remaining a member your union.

And the SDA’s ground-breaking case against a McDonald’s Franchise in South Australia now proves it.

After two years of court action, the SDA has secured a settlement in our case at the Federal Court, winning thousands for workers at McDonald’s Murray Bridge.

In total, the McDonald’s Franchise has paid $275,000 in fines and legal costs to the SDA. Most of which the SDA is distributing to the workers involved in the case.

The McDonald’s Franchise has admitted to their illegal conduct. After the SDA started court action against them, the McDonald’s Franchise exited the McDonald’s system.

The admission includes that workers were forced by management at McDonald’s Murray Bridge to resign their union membership. They were told they couldn’t be a manager if they were a union member.

This is a disgrace and a blatant breach of their workplace rights.

These workers – some as young as 15 – were lied to about their rights at work. They were intimidated into giving up their protection at work when they needed it most.

As one of richest global corporations, it’s appalling that McDonald’s operates stores where management actively campaigns to deny workers the basic and democratic right to be a union member.

The sad reality is that this isn’t just limited to Murray Bridge or McDonald’s.

The SDA is aware of anti-union practices and tactics occurring at workplaces all over the country.

If you’re aware of workers in your store being:

  • forced to resign their union membership; or
  • told not to join at your work

You have a right to be part of your union.

We need to show all employers that we won’t stand for union members being bullied or intimidated for standing together.

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