SDA Negotiations for Coles Parkinson CDC Agreement Update 6

July 9, 2020 Polar Fresh DC-Parkinson

Your SDA Delegates and Officials met with Company again on Tuesday.

The Company put an offer to the SDA for us to consider.

The offer was substantial but was not everything our members wanted, so we advised the Company that we wanted to hold meetings with our members to discuss the offer, and provide their feedback.

We will be holding meetings with our members later this week to get your thoughts.

If you haven’t been contacted yet about attending a meeting, see your Delegates for the day and times, or call 1800 657 141 and leave a message for your Organiser, Mili, to contact you.

Remember, these are YOUR Rates and YOUR Rights, so only YOU can decide when the offer is right!

We will be meeting again with the Company on Tuesday of next week.