Update for Woolworths Members

August 14, 2017 Woolworths

SDA seeks administrative increase for Woolworths employees

The SDA continues to ensure all Woolworths employees get a fair go at work by providing information, representation and advice to members.

Unfortunately, negotiations for a new Woolworths Agreement continue to be delayed.

This is due to the Fair Work Commission’s lengthy penalty rates case which resulted in cuts to penalty rates in Modern Awards. The SDA is now appealing to reverse the decision as well as ongoing matters in the Commission which may impact the approval of any agreements in the future.

We understand this delay is frustrating and you deserve peace of mind about your next pay rise.

The SDA has always worked hard to protect and progress your wages and conditions through securing new agreements.

Over the past 20 years, these agreements have locked in a range of benefits for Woolworths employees from rostering provisions to paid breaks, voluntary work on public holidays and importantly, regular pay rises.

At a time of record low wage growth, we understand that you cannot afford for your wages to go backwards. Regular pay rises ensure your wages keep up with the cost of living, help to manage the rent and bills as well as save for the future.

That’s why the SDA is in discussions with Woolworths for an administrative increase for employees as negotiations continue to be delayed.

We will update you with progress on this as it happens.

The SDA continues to push for a new Woolworths Agreement that locks in improved pay and conditions.

If you have any questions about negotiations or any other workplace matter, please call the SDA on 07 3833 9500