Justin Power

February 11, 2016 Officers Team Union Officals

Assistant Secretary

Justin started work at Myer Pacific Fair in the late 1980’s. He stayed there for eight years and then worked at David Jones where he became an SDA shop steward.

Justin commenced work with the SDA in 1998. He has a strong organising background and spent many years looking after our nightfill members on the south side of Brisbane. He then became the Branch’s trainer and has closely worked with hundreds of our shop stewards and delegates.

In 2014, he became the SDA’s Assistant Secretary and is a great ‘back-up’ to the Secretary, Chris Gazenbeek.

Justin’s responsibilities include negotiating Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, working with organisers and taking a ‘hands-on’ approach to the penalty rates and 100% at 18 campaigns.

Justin knows from first-hand experience how the SDA can make a difference in the workplace and is totally committed to giving SDA members a voice in their workplace.