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The SDA Union has presented to Americold our SDA members log of claims items, and Americold has provided a response on all claims. There have been six (6) bargaining meetings between the SDA Union and Americold.

Americold has made a “Without Prejudice” offer to the bargaining representatives and we are seeking feedback from our members on the offer.

Americold is proposing the following:

  1. Wages and Allowances (SDA claim 5,7,8,10)

The SDA was seeking a 15% increase per year of the agreement to wages and Americold has increased their original offer to a total of 15% (first offer 13%) over the life of the agreement:

  • 1 October 2022* – 6 %
  • 1 July 2022* – 2%
  • 1 October 2023* – 3.5%
  • 1 October 2024* – 3.5%

*Increase applies FFPP on or after the date

  • All allowances (first aid, meal allowance, turret truck, personal effects) to increase in accordance with the wages percentage increase.
  • Inclusion of penalty between 5am-6am Monday to Friday
    – Grade 2 – 130%
    – Grade 3 – 125%
    – Grade 4 – 120%
  • Backpayment to 1 October 2022 (SDA claim 6) to be paid on the proposed agreement receiving a positive YES vote.
  • $250 giftcard to be paid on an in-principle agreement being reached.

2. Length of Agreement

The proposed agreement will operate until the 1st October 2025. (SDA Claim 3)

3. Union Rights

The proposed agreement will now include:

a. The SDA as a party to the agreement
b. The SDA will be a union representative who are able to represent you in meetings with Americold in relation to matters such as consultation, disciplinary meetings and dispute processes
c. There will now be a Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) formed where the SDA will work with employees and Americold in quarterly meetings to discuss matters relating to job rotation, job progression, training, safety matters, incentive schemes and many other topics.

4. Overtime

Casuals will now receive their casual loading on overtime that is worked. (SDA Claim 11)

5. Rostered Day Off (RDO)

The proposed agreement will now include the ability for Americold to introduce an RDO for Full Time employees and this will be developed with consultation between Americold, employees, SDA delegates and SDA organisers at the JCC. (SDA Claim 18)

6. Uniform

The proposed agreement will update this clause to state that employees on commencement will receive 5 shirts, 3 pants, 1 hi vis vest, 1 pair of boots and on general wear and tear will be replaced by the company over the course of their employment at Americold.

7. Clarifications

The proposed agreement has clarified a few clauses:
a) Minimum shift length for all employees to be 4 hours (SDA Claim 23)
b) Maximum shift length for all employees to be 8 hours (or up to 10 hours by agreement) (SDA Claim 24)
c) Ensure all current Queensland public holidays to receive public holiday benefits (SDA Claim 28)
d) Include casual conversion to permanency provisions (SDA Claim 19)
e) Updated Superannuation to comply with staple fund legislation (SDA Claim 44)
f) The Flexible Working Arrangements in relation to rostering will be included in the Agreement (SDA Claim 48)

8. Leave

The proposed agreement will now include:

  • 10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence leave (SDA Claim 25)
  • Compassionate leave for occasions of miscarriage (SDA Claim 26)
  • Up to 3 days of unpaid natural disaster leave (SDA Claim 27)
  • A reference to the leave without pay Americold policy. (SDA Claim 31)
  • An update to immediate family definition to include step and adoptive relatives, foster and permanent care order relations. (SDA Claim 38)

9. National Employment Standards

The proposed agreement will ensure that Americold provides a copy of the NES and adheres to the minimum employment standards. (SDA Claim 2 and 41)

10. Drafting

There have been drafting changes to wording and formatting to ensure it is a BOOT compliant agreement.

The SDA is negotiating to achieve the best possible pay and conditions for Americold Acacia Ridge employees.

This is your agreement with your rates and your rights. Only you can decide if this agreement is sufficient. No new agreement will be introduced without a vote of employees.

If you have any questions about negotiations, please speak to your SDA Organiser or call the SDA office on 07 3833 9500.