BRDC Negotiations: Company Offer #3

May 19, 2021 Uncategorized
  1. Duration: The agreement will be a 4 year agreement that commences on 26 July 2021 with an expiry date of 5 July 2025.  With the acceptance of the offer, the first pay increase will commence 5 July 2021.
  2. Afternoon shift: By mutual agreement, team members can commence at 12.30pm for an afternoon shift. Precedence will be given to the day shift for tasks between 12.20 and 2pm. Afternoon team members who agree to the 12:30pm start can change their mind at any time to revert back to a 2pm start.
  3. Casual conversion: There will be the right to be offered conversion to Part-time or Full-time as provided for in the National Employment Standards.
  4. Notice period: Team member’s will receive 21 days’ notice for roster changes. This is an increase from the current 14 days’ notice.
  5. Documentation: Team members will only need to provide documentation for an absence either side of an RDO or Public Holiday, if the absence is on the calendar day before or after.   If you are absent the shift before or after an RDO or Public Holiday, but that shift is not the calendar day before or after, you are not required to produce medical documentation.
  6. Documentation via email: Team members will be able to send through supporting documentation as per the EBA requirements, via email, to workforce planning and their Team Leader.
  7. RDO: By mutual agreement, Full-time team members may move to a roster option with no RDO. The team member can revert back to the original roster after working the roster without an RDO for 3 months, and can revert back to a roster with an RDO by providing the company with the request in writing and giving 2 week’s notice.
  8. Sunday into Monday overtime: An entire shift will be paid at double time if it is and overtime shift that commences on a  Sunday and goes into Monday.
  9. Annual leave: Higher duties will only be paid during a period of annual leave if the  team member completes 4 hours or more of higher duties on their last shift shift prior to taking the leave.
  10. Part time hours: Part time team member may be rostered to less than 38 ordinary hours. This does not change the Company’s need to get your agreement to work past your rostered hours, or any other entitlements to overtime.
  11. Sunday Overtime order selection: Sunday overtime will be offered to direct hire team members in any order and then agency and the disengagement will be in the reverse order with agency sent home first and direct hire team members  sent home last.
  12. Uniforms: Team members have the ability to order 5 articles in any combination, one month prior to their anniversary date. Starting from the second year of the agreement, and employee must hand in the old worn out piece of uniform, to receive a replacement..
  13. Part Day Public Holiday: This will be only paid to those employees who work or are normally rostered to work in the 6pm-12pm period. There will be no non-rostered non-worked part-day public holiday benefit.
  14. Right to arbitration: Employees and unions will no longer need the Company’s agreement be able to progress a dispute to arbitration in the Fair Work Commission.
  15. Redundancy: Eligible team members will be entitled to 4 weeks for each year of continuous service and pro rata, up to maximum of 72 weeks. This is an increase from the current cap of 52 weeks.
  16. Wage increase:

Year 1 – 3.1%

Year 2 – 3.15%

Year 3 – 3.2%

Year 4 – 3.25%

These increases are compounding.

  1. Afternoon and night shift allowances:

Afternoon and Night Shift loading will increase according to the same percentages as the pay rates.

  1. Saturday increase:

The Saturday penalty rate will increase to 150% over the 4 years.  Year 2 – 140% and Year 4 – 150%

  1. Warning Review Process: Clause 7.1.6 – The team member will be advised of the Company’s concerns, the required action/s and the timeframe to remedy the concerns. The following breaches will incur a warning that remains on the team member’s personnel file for the life of his/her employment and will be relied upon within the industrial life of such warnings:
  • Safety related incidences
  • Serious misconduct (including but not limited to breaches of the Code of conduct).
  • Absenteeism, gaps or performance beyond a first warning (repeated patterned behaviour)

Provided the team member has complied with their action plan in full and made all required improvements, after a three month period and upon request by the team member, the following matters may be eligible for consideration of the received outcome to be downgraded from that point forward:

  • Gap management at a first warning or the team member’s first time.
  • Performance management at a first warning or the team member’s first time.
  • Absenteeism at a first warning or the team member’s first time.

In relation to gap management, a team member who is unaware of their gaps should not recieve a warning during the first performance discussion,  if it does not breach the Code for Conduct.

Team members should be given the opportunity to increase performance levels before a warning is issued. Team members are to raise this with Delegates, who are to advise Senior Leadership if this is not taking place.

Matters not in the EBA but agreed:

  1. MOU improvements – The MOU’s are currently being finalised and some changes and improvements include:
  • Team Leaders to received detailed training on the rotation pool
  • All Team members may request a 30 min detailed 1:1 with their Team Leader on how the rotation and reserve pool points works.
  • Team members will have access to raise a query with their team leader or via a dedicated QR code when they have a query on the rotation or reserve pool.
  • All team members will receive a survey link every 18 months to give feedback on what’s working well and what can be improved on.
  1. First nation team representative to join the Primary Connect Diversity and Inclusion committee on-site
  2. Order selection team members who finish their assignment may clock out at the time clocks beside the locker rooms when beginning their break.
  3. Company policies are now available via QR code and accessible at the computer booth.
  4. Warning review process is now available via the People Portal site.