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You can see below here for the rest of the company’s offer:

  1. Agreement to start 1 July 2021 – 4 years agreement
  2. By mutual agreement afternoon employees can start at 12.30pm and precedence will be given to day shift between 12.20 and 2pm.
  3. A Casual conversion clause – taking into account the recent legislative changes.
  4. Team member’s will receive 21 days’ notice for roster changes instead of 14 days’ notice.
  5. Clarification that documentation can only be required if an employee accesses personal leave on the actual day (worked or not) either side of public holiday or RDO
  6. Team members will be able to send through supporting documentation as per the EBA requirements via email to workforce planning.
  7. RDOs roster change – team members by mutual agreement will move to a roster that does not have an RDO.
  8. Part time hours to be defined as working less than than 38 ordinary hours per week.
  9. Sunday Overtime order selection –

For the purpose or overtime shifts on Sunday, rostering preferences will be given to permanent FT and PT team members whose base grade function is order selection.

Overtime work will be offered to permanent FT and PT team members whose base grade function is order selection first, then any other team members or agency hire thereafter.

The Minimum engagement for Sunday will be doubled from 2 to 4 hours.

For disengagement in any order as required by the company after the minimum engagement is satisfied.

  1. Warning procedures – outlining the use of verbal discussions and time to resolve concerns when initiating the warning procedure.
    1. Support person outlining, who, the time frame, and any accommodations to a team member’s engagement of a support person to assist with the warning procedure.
    2. Timely manner of outcome Clarifying process if outcomes not received in a timely manner when a team member is engaged as part of warning procedure.
  2. Uniforms – the ability to order 5 items in any combination 1 month prior to team members anniversary date and the old clothing to be handed in for recycling.
  3. Part day Xmas Eve – will be paid to those who work or are normally rostered to work between 6-12pm only.
  4. Right to arbitration of disputes.
  5. Redundancy – Eligible team members will be entitled to 4 weeks for each year of continuous service and pro rata, up to maximum of 70- weeks.
  6. Wage increase; 2.86% each year of the agreement applied to the base rate only

G2 base rate: 69,269.20

Y1 increase $1981.20 – 71,250.40 (36.06)

Y2 increase $2037.88 – 73,288.28

Y3 increase $2095.60 – 75,383.88

Y4 increase $2156.44 -77540.32 (39.24)

  1. Loadings and allowances frozen