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The SDA is a registered trade union promoting the interests and defending the rights of our members in the retail, warehousing and fast-food industries.

Together we are strong. Through our numbers we negotiate with employers, providing strength and unity that cannot be achieved by an individual worker on their own. We give employees confidence and strength when negotiating with local management, providing the strength in unity that cannot be achieved individually.

We represent our members in negotiations for better wages and conditions by protecting members against unfair treatment and providing support through a wide range of services from legal advice and workers’ compensation support through to arranging a huge variety of free benefits and discounts. We are staffed by dedicated officials, experienced in dealing with management at the highest level and most of our employees have worked in retail, warehousing and fast-food. We can assist with issues at work do to with:

  • Personal/Carers leave;
  • Long service leave;
  • Casual rights;
  • Breaks;
  • Pay;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Annual leave;
  • Parental leave and related entitlements;

  • Payslips;
  • Rosters;
  • Workplace bullying and harassment;
  • Sexual Harassment;
  • Nightfill rights;
  • Social media;
  • WorkCover claims &
  • Much more….


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