Further BRDC update: Shift separation

August 4, 2021 Uncategorized

Further BRDC update: Shift separation

We have been advised by the Company that they are looking to move to the Separated Shift Structure as early as Monday the 9th of August.

We understand the urgency of the shift Separation and the need to do everything possible to protect as many people as possible from the COVID-19 virus (especially the Delta Variant).

But the EBA clearly states that an employee is entitled to 3 weeks notice of a roster change.

On this basis the Company has agreed that where a permanent employee’s obligations outside of work mean they will need the 3 weeks of notice to accommodate the change, and this can be demonstrated, the employee will be able to work those hours that are common between their current roster and the new one, and the Company will make up the difference between the hours they work and their normal pay, for up to the 3 weeks.  So no-one will be out of pocket.

If you will have a genuine ongoing issue with the new roster, please raise this with your Delegate, Organisers, or call our Brisbane offices on (07) 3833 9500

N.B.: As a part of the MOU between Woolworths and the SDA, when the shift separation ends, all employees will return to the exact roster they held prior to the separation restructure.