Good News for Mylindah

September 5, 2022 Uncategorized

By Liz Berry, SDA Organiser

Several months ago I was able to assist an SDA member who wished to step down from a salaried manager role to a team member for personal reasons.

After approaching the store with this request, they advised that they couldn’t accommodate her request for the full-time hours she would need to make ends meet.

She then turned to the SDA for help, and as the Area Organiser I was able to get involved and work closely with a representative from the company to find a full-time position at a nearby store.

This is a great outcome for Mylindah and a reminder to all that the SDA is an invaluable resource for members and you should always get in touch with any issue you are experiencing at work.

It really pays to have someone with years of experience on your team and I’m glad in this instance I was able to help.
Mylindah, I hope you enjoy your new position.