Information officers

January 22, 2019 Uncategorized

Every week, hundreds of members ring, email or contact the SDA union office via social media seeking advice, clarification and assistance. The SDA employs two full-time trained information officers, namely Diane Kirk and Veronica Buckley. Their responsibilities include listening to members, answering their questions and offering advice where appropriate. Questions can range from proposed roster changes to parental leave, breaks, public holidays and workers’ compensation.

Members often ring up seeking clarification and/or advice on an entitlement such as wage rates, annual leave or personal leave and these phone calls need only take several minutes. Other times, members ring up with more complex issues such as sexual harassment, complex rostering issues, bullying on unfair dismissal. Naturally, these issues require more time and where appropriate, these phone calls are directed to SDA Organisers and/or SDA Industrial Officers. Members can be assured that the SDA will only act on matters, issues or problems if the member wants the matter to proceed through the grievance/disputes procedure.

In any given year, our Information Officers handle thousands of phone calls, emails and social media enquiries. All of these discussions are strictly confidential and members are encouraged to use this FREE service. After all INFORMATION IS POWER.

If you’re an SDA member and would like to speak to an Information Officer, please call the SDA office on 07 3833 9500. If you’re not a member you can join online at