Polar Fresh Log of Claims Appendices

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Appendix A


The Company and the Union recognise that employees sometimes face situations of domestic violence or abuse in their personal life perpetrated by a family or household member either during a relationship or after separation.

The Company and the Union are committed to providing support to employees who experience family or domestic violence and will treat all matters with confidentiality.

Domestic and Family Violence

  1. Employees who experience family or domestic violence and require time off work to attend to medical appointments, legal proceedings and/or any other related activities, will be entitled to:
  2. a) i) paid leave of 10 days per year; and
  3. ii) unpaid leave for up to 2 days per occasion;
  4. b) use personal leave, as per cl. Xx
  5. Consideration will be given to requests for further unpaid leave on a case by case basis, as per cl. Xx
  6. An employee who supports a person experiencing family or domestic violence may take carer’s leave (as per cl xx) to accompany them to court or hospital or to mind children.
  7. Employees experiencing family or domestic violence will have the right to request flexible working arrangements (as per cl xx).
  8. An employee may be required to produce evidence that family or domestic violence has occurred, such as; a medical certificate, a document issued by the police service, court, district nurse or lawyer, or a statutory declaration.
  9. All personal information concerning matters of family or domestic violence will be kept confidential and may only be divulged in exceptional circumstances, in consultation with the employee, where it is imperative to maintain the safety of the employee and/or co-workers.
  10. An employee will not suffer discrimination or adverse action if they disclose an experience of family or domestic violence.
  11. The Company, in consultation with the Union, will develop guidelines and provide training which details the appropriate action to be taken in the event that an employee reports family or domestic violence, such as appropriate referral information, development of safety action plans, and the roles and responsibilities of managers and employees.

Appendix B

1.1        Where a Cyclone Warning is announced for cyclones or extreme weather warning for other conditions or there is a natural disaster (e.g. flooding or bush fires) which:

(a)        poses a genuine threat to an employees property or

(b)        creates a need for an employee to provide care or support for members of their immediate household or

(c)        prevents the employee from attending work by reason of being geographically cut off with no viable alternative route to attend the site

the company will allow the employee to be absent from work and in such circumstances the employee will be able to access up to 3 paid days, non cumulative per year or pro rata  for part time team members.

1.2        Where an employee is unable to attend work due to the above situations they must (as soon as practicable) contact the site to inform them of the situation and arrange appropriate payments.

1.3        An employee working in places affected by flood or fire shall be paid for any damage or injury to work clothing (including boots) sustained owing to the conditions caused by such flood or fire.

Appendix C

Community Service Leave

Emergency Services Leave

  1. Full-time and part-time team members involved in recognised voluntary services including SES and fire fighting shall be entitled to paid time off at ordinary time rates to attend to emergency situations. Casual team members will only be entitled to unpaid time off.
  2. It will be the responsibility of the team member to keep the Company informed about the time off needed to attend to emergency duties.
  3. To receive payment a team member shall provide the Company proof of attendance of the emergency situation.
  4. Paid time off for attendance at emergencies in the local area shall not be unreasonably restricted or accessed.
  5. Paid time off for emergencies that are not local shall be limited to two (2) days but this period may be increased depending on the nature of the emergency, (e.g. major bushfires).

                Defence Forces Leave

  1. A full-time or part-time team member shall be allowed leave of up to two (2) weeks per year and additional weekends as required to attend Defence Force Reserve approved training camps.
  2. During such leave, team members who are required to attend full-time training shall be paid an amount equal to the difference between the payment received in respect of their attendance and the payment they would have received for working ordinary time during that period.
  3. To receive payment, a team member shall provide to the Company proof of attendance and proof of Defence Forces Reserve rate of pay and the total payment received for the time spent in training.
  4. Casual team members will be entitled to be absent for unpaid leave up to a maximum of two (2) weeks per calendar year to attend Defence Force Reserves approved training camps.
  5. Team members must provide the Company with at least one (1) month’s prior notice of such leave. The notice should detail the start and finish dates.