Proposed API Agreement 2023

August 22, 2023 Uncategorized

The SDA has met with API on four occasions to represent our members in negotiations for a new agreement. The SDA presented our log of claims at the first meeting and so did the company and other bargaining representatives. The company  has now provided a final offer on 21st August and will now seek to get employees to vote on the proposed agreement. The SDA was disappointed that the company had not been able to agree to all our claims but the proposed agreement provides the following:

  1. Wage and Allowances Increase (12.48% increase to wages over the life of the agreement).
  • From the first full pay period after the YES vote for a new agreement       – 5%
  • From the first full pay period on or after 30 September 2024                      – 4%
  • From the first full pay period on or after 30 September 2025                      – 3%
  • All allowances will increase with the wage percentages.
  1.  Expiry
  • 3 year agreement with an expiry day of 30 September 2026.
  1. Gift Card
  • Upon a successful YES vote all permanent team members will receive a Coles Myer gift card to the value of $299.
  1. Mixed Functions
    This will be improved that instead of being required to do 2 days at a higher classification to receive the higher rate of pay, you will now receive it for the time spent when working more than 4 hours.

5.       Drafting

  • Legislative requirements will also be changed wording including:
  1. Flexible Working Arrangements (rostering arrangements)
  2. Family Domestic Violence Leave (increased to 10 days for all employees)
  3. Superannuation Staple Funds
  4. Immediate family definition amended to NES wording.
  • Rostering will included “caring responsibilities” that the company will take into account when changing rosters.
  • Amended wording to make it clear that casuals do receive public holiday rates for working a public holiday and update to include all public holidays in Queensland.
  • Clause 5.1.6 will be amended to remove “preparation of work” and as such any work requirements such as getting work property to do job tasks will all be in paid time. 
  • Amended wording to make clear that all training is paid including first aid course.
  • All employees will have a four hour minimum shift length.

If you have any questions about the proposal, please speak to your SDA Organiser or call the SDA on 07 3833 9500. This is your site, your rates and your rights – make sure you vote and have your say.

An electronic vote will be conducted by the company on 1 September 2023 from 7am-7pm.