Safe Handling & Storage of Lead

July 2, 2024 Uncategorized

By Matt Littleboy, Workplace Health & Safety Officer


The SDA was recently contacted in relation to concerns about lead sheeting in a large chain of hardware stores especially in relation to how it is being handled by both customers and team members and how it is stored.

In June our SDA Health and Safety Officer served a WHS Entry Permit on some of the stores. The person in charge of the store at the time, was taken through the concerns around the storage and handling of lead in store and asked for the following:

  • A copy of the Safety Data Sheet relating to lead products.
  • Evidence of any specific training or Safe Work Practice’s in relation to the handling of lead

The SDA was given a copy of the Safety Data Sheet, and informed there is no specific training into the handling of lead, the potential dangers of exposure, or requirement to wear Personal Protective Equipment specific to lead process.

Based on the obtained Safety Data Sheet the SDA observed that lead products were being stored on shelves without an appropriate container and were not locked up. There are clear requirements around avoiding personal contact and wearing protective equipment when handling lead that were not being adhered to.

The consequences of exposure to lead be significant and permanent.

We expect that there is lead sheeting in a lot of hardware stores.

Your SDA has contacted the Health and Safety Regulator in regards to our concerns and we will provide members with an update and the resolution to this issue in the next SDA News.