SDA Negotiations for Coles Parkinson CDC Agreement Update #7

July 23, 2020 Uncategorized

Your SDA negotiating team met with the Company again on Monday to give them YOUR FEEDBACK on their last offer.

We told the Company that:

  • The pay offer needed to be higher, especially the offer of the 2.25% in the first year.
  • There needed to be a 10% (or similar) allowance for forklift drivers because of the much higher consequences if a forklift driver makes a mistake.
  • Compassionate Leave should be increased to 5 days in the case of the death of any direct family or household members.
  • The increased redundancy offer for redundancies that are a result of the site closure, left room for the Company to avoid paying it if they made you redundant immediately prior to the closure
  • Also at the end of the new agreement, all redundancies would revert back to 3 weeks per year of service capped at 36 weeks.

The Company had received similar feedback from other parties and came back with an improved offer.  Some of the changes to the new offer include:

  • A 3% pay increase at the start of the agreement;
  • The Freezer Allowance increased to $2 per hour;
  • The probationary rate reduced to 90% of the full rate, but only for new employees who start with the Company after a new agreement takes effect;
  • The increased redundancy offer to apply to both full and part site closures, with 16 weeks notice;
  • The Purchasing of additional Annual Leave capped at 4 weeks;
  • The introduction of “Make-Up-Time”;
  • Shifts completed by Day shift employees, between 12am and 5am to attract the NightShift loading;
  • Flexibilities which allow Day Shift employees to start earlier, if they want to, but without attracting the night shift loading;
  • Shift swaps at the employee request and by mutual agreement;
  • All employees will have to work on the pick, one day a week;
  • The ability to apply for Annual Leave 12 months in advance;
  • Alternative rostering option for Full-Timers;
  • A new promotional criteria to be applied to employees applying for plus 1 positions.

We will meet with the Company again on Thursday the 30th of July to respond to the Company’s offer.

Please see your SDA Delegate to find out more, and to give us your feedback on the Company’s new offer.

The SDA is REPRESENTING YOU in these negotiations and we need to make sure YOUR VOICE IS HEARD.

And if you know someone else who is not in the SDA, invite them to join today and have their voice heard too.