SDA Negotiations for Coles Parkinson CDC Agreement Update

September 8, 2020 Uncategorized

The SDA bargaining team met again with Coles Parkinson management on Friday September 4.

A conditional offer was verbally discussed that contained all of the previously agreed terms and included a forklift allowance of five percent, back pay to July 31 and an improvement on Coles wage offer.

While it is unlikely 4% is achievable we pressed the company to improve on the 3.18%,  3.08% and 3.0% they have offered.

Other parties have indicated strike action may be taken.

While this is your right, it should be remembered every day on strike is a day unpaid.

Coles have also stated that back pay will not be paid if protected action is initiated.  This lost income and lost back pay would significantly erode any pay increases earned.

The SDA continues to press Coles to improve on its wage offer.  With the above offer in mind, and including back pay,  we ask you to consider what rate of increase you and your team members on your shift would find acceptable.  Would 3.5% or 3.25% get a positive reaction from your shift?  With no money lost from strike action and no money lost from the removal of back pay?

Remember these are Your Rates and Your Rights and only you and your fellow team members can decide when they are right for you!

Be involved in the process by talking your delegates, organiser or contacting the SDA on 3833 9500 to have a say on your EA.