SDA Negotiations for Target DC Agreement Update 3

August 21, 2020 Uncategorized

SDA Negotiations for Target DC Agreement Update #3

Negotiations continued today Thursday, 20th August 2020.

The SDA responded to the company claims in particular querying why there was a necessity to remove the discipline process in Clause 23 of the agreement.  The Company continues to press its removal.

The SDA agreed “in principle” to the following Company claims:

  • Inclusion of a Domestic Violence Leave Clause ( 5 days unpaid leave with 2 days paid)
  • Introduce a clause for Target Casual Team member conversion allowing those team members to request consideration to convert to permanent status.
  • Introduce a clause for eligible team members to be able to request flexible work arrangements.

On consideration of discussions regarding all claims the SDA and Target have agreed in principle subject to drafting and wages outcomes the following SDA claims:

  • No requirement to work more than 4 hours without a meal break – currently 5 hours.
  • Introduction of Pandemic leave – award provisions – subject to drafting
  • All work on public holidays to be voluntary.
  • Inclusion of a Domestic Violence Leave Clause – as detailed in company claims above
  • Inclusion of a casual conversion clause – as detailed in company claims above.
  • Purchase of additional leave – not in agreement but team members have access to policy pertaining to that entitlement.
  • Inclusion of a Cash out of Annual leave clause – award provisions – subject to drafting.
  • Increase to bereavement leave to 5 days

The SDA continues to press for back payment of wages which the company has stated it will consider.

We have advised the company that wage percentages were now to be considered , the company has indicated that with the agreed changes it is likely that percentages would be @ 2% per year over a 3 year agreement but this has not yet been formally offered.

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Our next meeting is Tuesday 25th August 2020

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