SDA Negotiations for Target DC Agreement Update #6

September 4, 2020 Uncategorized

Negotiations continued on Tuesday 8th September between your SDA Bargaining Representatives and Target.

The SDA pressed Target to consider an increased wages offer or provide an additional incentive in the form of a ‘sign on bonus’ or store gift card.

Despite further discussions the company states that its offer remains at the following:

  • 2% increase to wages and allowance from August 2020
  • Back pay to August 6 2020 based on a positive vote
  • Having a three year Agreement.

The company stated that an additional incentive was not contemplated because the site was eligible for an incentive bonus (being payable to permanent team members) and therefore no additional payments were considered.

As the company has not moved from its position, your feedback is needed to ascertain whether the SDA should endorse the agreement in order to have the matter proceed to formal vote or should the SDA remain neutral

At this stage no further meetings have been set whilst the company considers its position.

We will inform you of any further developments.

Remember these are Your Rates and Your Rights and you need to have your say. You can confidentially provide feedback on any of the above by filling in the form below, contacting Janette Beer on-site or ring the SDA office on 3833 9500 to speak to your SDA Union Organiser