SDA Negotiations for Target DC Agreement Update

August 19, 2020 Uncategorized

SDA Negotiations for Target DC Agreement Update #2

Negotiations formally commenced on Tuesday, August 18th.

The SDA tabled its Log of Claims. The company stated a preference for a roll over agreement and responded to the SDA claims.

The Company log included:

  • Inclusion of a Domestic Violence Leave Clause (5 days unpaid leave with 2 days paid);
  • Removal of discipline procedure in Clause 23 of the agreement;
  • Introduce a Target Casual Team member conversion Clause allowing those team member to request conversion to permanent status as per award;
  • Introduce eligible team members to request flexible work arrangements as per award.

The company states it is not in a position to accept claims that would increase costs because of its decreased profitability and a generally poor economic outlook, consequently it is not able to agree with an increased Fork lift allowance or such a high pay increase.  The company will consider further the SDA claims of :

  • Rostering after 4 hours;
  • Pandemic leave;
  • Voluntary work on public holidays;
  • Purchase of additional leave – along company policy guidelines;
  • Cash out of Annual leave – along award guidelines.

The company has stated that it would also not intend to pay any back payment of wages, meaning that wage increases would apply from the approval of the agreement by the Fair Work Commission.  At this time this is not agreed.

We have advised the company that a roll over proposition with some slight changes to the agreement would be considered if the time period of the agreement was shorter and the wages percentages were above 2% – the company will consider this and respond in due course.

Please provide any feedback to your SDA Delegate, Organiser or by filling out the form below.

Our next meeting is Thursday 20th August.

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