SDA opposes proposed Bunnings Trade Centre Agreement

May 10, 2022 Uncategorized

The SDA does not support the proposed Agreement put forward by Bunnings.

The proposed Agreement is not a fair outcome for Trade Centre Team Members.

Reasons to vote “NO”:
  • The wages offer is unacceptable. It is significantly below the current headline inflation rate of 5.1% and the non-discretionary inflation rate of 6.6%.
  • In the last two years Bunnings’ sales have gone up by 26%. This year inflation is currently up 5.1%. But Bunnings is only offering an average pay rise of 3.5% this year and no guaranteed pay rise next year for most Team Members!
  • The cost of many everyday items you must pay for – such as fuel, food and housing – has gone up by more than 5.1%.
  • Bunnings’ pay offer of 3% increases to minimum rates or a 3.5% average increase to performance pay just doesn’t keep up with the rising cost of living.

The pay offer made by Bunnings would see your real wages go backwards.

Bunnings has proposed:
  • A 2 year Agreement.
  • A 3% increase to the minimum rates each year.
  • A 3.5% increase to the average performance pay in the first year and no specified increase in the second year.
  • Improvements to many penalty rates but cuts to public holiday penalty rates
  • The loss of the existing public holiday not worked provision
  • Right to roster you on public holidays
  • Right to roster you on regular Sunday work
  • Right to require you to work an extra 4 hours work a fortnight (not at overtime rate)
  • Queensland Only: If you have at least 10 years of regular and systematic service, and have increased your contracted hours in recent years, the value of your existing Long Service Leave entitlements could be severely diminished under this agreement.

If you are paid more than 3% above the minimum rate for your grade, there is no guarantee that you will receive a pay rise, as the only guaranteed increases for individual Team Members under the proposal are those required to comply with the minimum rates of pay.

The proposed Agreement also strips away many benefits that you receive under the current Agreement.

Bunnings has traded very successfully during the pandemic. This is due to the hard work and commitment of Team Members. You deserve a fairer outcome.

The SDA calls for Bunnings to return to the bargaining table to secure a fair deal that recognises the rising cost of living and the value of essential workers.

The proposed Agreement does not provide a fair outcome for workers. Bunnings can and should do better.

The SDA recommends that you vote “NO”.

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