Target DC Negotiations update

August 28, 2020 Uncategorized

Negotiations continued on Thursday August 27 between your SDA Bargaining Representatives and Target.

A substantive list of matters have now been agreed to in principle by all bargaining parties including:

  • Compassionate leave provisions to be extended from three days paid leave to five days paid leave;
  • Inclusion of a domestic violence leave clause (two days paid leave with further access to five days unpaid leave);
  • Introduce a Target Casual Team Member conversion clause allowing those team members to request conversion to permanent status as per the Award;
  • Introduce eligible team members to request flexible work arrangements as per Award;
  • Rostering meal breaks after four hours instead of five – so Team Members are not working longer than 4 hours without a meal break;
  • Pandemic leave – up to two weeks unpaid leave which will not affecting continuity of service or accrual;
  • Voluntary work on public holidays;
  • Cash out of annual leave in line with the Award.

The company had a claim for the removal of the disciplinary process which has now been removed.

Targets wage offer for the proposed Queensland DC agreement is:

  • 2% increase to wages and allowance rates each August;
  • Back pay to August 6 2020;
  • A three year Agreement.

Negotiations continue on Tuesday September 1.

Remember these are Your Rates and Your Rights and you need to have your say. You can confidentially provide feedback on any of the above by filling in the form below, contacting Janette Beer on-site or ring the SDA office on 3833 9500 to speak to your SDA Union Organiser.

  • Your name and feedback will remain confidential