The SDA is the union for workers at warehousesdistribution Centres and fulfilment centres In Queensland.

The SDA works to uphold and improve your pay and conditions at work which have been won by the union movement over many years. In other SDA Union Warehouses in Queensland, the rates of pay and conditions are well above average, thanks to over 40 years of negotiation and unionism. Warehousedistribution Centre and fulfilment centre workers deserve the same, so join the SDA today to help improve your working conditions.

All workers have the legal right to be a member of a union.

In Australia, legislation protects your right to join, be a member of and participate in lawful industrial activities of a trade union organisation like the SDA. You cannot be discriminated against because you are a union member and the company cannot take adverse action against you such as: dismissing you, disrespects you, alters your position so you are prejudiced or discriminates between you and other employees.


How can the SDA help? 

The SDA can assist with issues at work. Common issues in the warehousing industry include:

  • Performance Control – often pick rate expectations can be set too high. The SDA can negotiate for more reasonable expectations to be set for employees. The SDA fought and won the principle of a fair days work for a fair days pay. This simply means you perform to the best of your ability.
  • Fear of taking full breaks, toilet and drink breaks – you should not feel afraid to take a break, go to the bathroom or take a drink. They are your right and your work or roster should not be affected as a result.
  • Health and Safety – often workers report that they feel pressured to cut corners to meet targets and take risks with their health and safety. The SDA takes this seriously and can help enforce Workplace Health and Safety conditions.
  • Lack of notice for shifts – it’s not right that your shift can be cancelled with no notice at all. We have solved this at other warehouse sites during EBA negotiations.
  • WorkCover – If you’re injured at work, the SDA employs trained professionals to guide you through the procedures and apply for WorkCover to access your entitlements as an Australian worker.

To speak with an SDA official confidentially to find out further benefits in joining the SDA, fill out the form below.

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