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Easter 2017

Public Holiday Flyers April 2017

During April and May 2017, six Public Holidays occur.…


Statutory Declaration Form

  It is a legal document, when you make…


How to apply for a job or promotion

  How to apply for a Job These simple…


What to do if you’re being exploited

While the word ‘exploitation’ may sound severe, it simply…

What to do if you are sick

What to do if you’re sick

Whether you are a full-time, part-time or casual employee…

How to check pay

How to Check Pay



Long Service Leave

The answers to common questions we get are listed…


Leave Entitlements


Stewards & Delegates

Whether you are new to the retail industry or…


Payment of Wages / Overtime Allowances

Being paid for work done is not optional –…

How to check pay

Incorrect Pay

One of the most common enquiries the SDA receives…

Sick date rights

Sick Day Rights

Sick Leave is paid leave when a full-time or…