Woolies BLDC

Great News! Proposed new BLDC agreement voted up

Great News! The proposed new BLDC agreement has now been…

Get organised in the DC’s

One of the core functions of the SDA is…


SDA warehouse members are well aware that the SDA…

Woolies DC – No Vote

Woolies BLDC – We Formally Reject Your Offer.

Woolies BLDC – Best Possible Deal

Woolies BLDC – You Get My Vote at 3.5%!

Woolies BLDC – Update

Woolies BLDC – Wage offers, negotiations and bringing in National.

BLDC – We Are So Close!

Woolies BLDC – What Happened?

Woolies BLDC – Negotiations Resume Tomorrow

BLDC – Negotiations Today

Woolies BLDC – Paid Meetings, Worker Feedback and Much More!

Woolies BLDC – Thursdays meeting was both exciting and disappointing.

Woolworths BLDC – Negotiations Continued

Woolies BLDC – Negotiations Update

RDO Clause and Company Feedback

Negotiations back on, that didn’t take long!

To Negotiate or Not to Negotiate

THE UPDATE!!!!!!! Holy Moly! You need to see this!

Negotiations slow to a halt

What’s on offer?

Thank you! More meetings to come

Negotiation Breakdown Everyone’s Invited

We need your help

Ready for week four

This is YOUR agreement

What have we done so far?

What do we want?

Four meetings down, how many to go?