How Pay Rises Work in New Coles Retail Agreement

1. Does the new Coles Retail Agreement contain pay…

Big W DC Negotiations Update

The first meeting for the 2024 Big W DC…

Important Woolworths RT3 Update

The Union has had many complaints from members about…

1 July pay rise now agreed for Woolworths and Big W workers

The SDA has been campaigning for members to receive…

Coles Parkinson CDC Negotiation Update

Day one of Negotiations Today, Friday 22 May was…

Woolworths Update

In the last two editions of the SDA News,…

Great News! Proposed new BLDC agreement voted up

Great News! The proposed new BLDC agreement has now been…

Woolworths fails to consult with members and SDA on changes

Woolworths fails to consult with members and SDA on…

New Freezer Jackets at Woolworths

  Fresh new freezer jackets to hit Woolworths Supermarkets…

Get organised in the DC’s

One of the core functions of the SDA is…

Media statement | 23 April 2018 | SDA welcomes approval of Coles Agreement

The SDA has today welcomed the approval of the…

Media statement | 26 February 2018 Coles workers vote yes on new agreement

Coles workers have overwhelmingly voted to accept a new…


The SDA has secured fair wages and conditions for…


SDA warehouse members are well aware that the SDA…

SDA EBA Updates

COLES SDA EBA UPDATE Most Coles members are well…

SDA and Coles begin negotiations

Today the SDA met with Coles to begin negotiations…

SDA Shop Stewards Meet – Coles Agree To Bargain For A New Agreement 

The SDA has been calling on Coles to bargain…

Woolies BLDC – We Formally Reject Your Offer.

Woolies BLDC – Best Possible Deal

Big W DC – The Votes Are In, They were Counted Twice!

Woolies BLDC – You Get My Vote at 3.5%!

API Update – Tuesday 8th September Meeting

Woolies BLDC – Wage offers, negotiations and bringing in National.

Woolies BLDC – What Happened?

Woolies BLDC – Negotiations Resume Tomorrow

20th Big W DC Meeting Held 27 August 2015

API offers no improvements with 3% wage rise

Big W DC – Meetings held, an increase in offer and more

API Negotiations – Log of claims, reasonable pay rise and much more.

Woolies BLDC – Paid Meetings, Worker Feedback and Much More!

Woolies BLDC – Thursdays meeting was both exciting and disappointing.

Woolworths BLDC – Negotiations Continued

Woolies BLDC – Negotiations Update

RDO Clause and Company Feedback

Something for the company to think about

To Negotiate or Not to Negotiate

THE UPDATE!!!!!!! Holy Moly! You need to see this!

Negotiations back on, that didn’t take long!

Thank you! More meetings to come

Negotiation Breakdown Everyone’s Invited

We’ve hit a stumbling block!

They can do better

What do you want; when do you want it?

We need YOUR feedback

Four meetings down, how many to go?

Driving a Hard Bargain

Coles negotiations update – 15th August

Legal teams thrashing out the wording

It’s time to vote for a vote

Coles EBA update

Summary of the Woolies proposed offer

Vote for a Vote closing soon

Woolies ‘vote for a vote’ results in

Coles negotiations update – 18 July

Coles: the latest

Asking the company to improve the deal

Update from meeting #14

Woolies negotiation results

Woolworths negotiations update twelve – 11 July

Update from meeting #13 – and more

Coles EBA negotiations update – 11 June

Coles EBA negotiations update – 8 July

Negotiations update eight – 1 July

Negotiations update nine – 2 July

Negotiations update ten – 3 July

Negotiations update eleven – 4 July

BREAKING: Woolworths proposes offer

Negotiations update one – 29 May

Negotiations update two – 3 June

Negotiations update three – 5 June

Negotiations update four – 17 June

Negotiations update five – 20 June

Negotiations update six – 23 June

Negotiations update seven – 27 June

Broncos competition

Video: Our Rates, Our Rights campaign launches